Your local, independent hearing care clinic.

Your Local, independent hearing care clinic

Owned and operated by Audiologist Jacinda Gibson and Audiometrist Shae Cull.

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What we do

At South Burnett Hearing, we are all about ears. From wax removal, hearing assessments, hearing aid fitting, listening accessories and communication support. With over 25 years of combined experience, our team is sure to be able to offer a solution to your hearing concerns.

Hearing Check

It’s important to get tested every twelve months – You can get a free check here.


Wax is a normal part of the ear. We can remove it if it becomes a problem.

Hearing Protection & Aid

Once it’s gone, we can’t get it back. Talk to us about how to care for your hearing.

Who we do it for

It’s never too early for a hearing check. As with all health matters, early intervention is key. We can provide hearing checks for kids aged 4+ (fees apply), adults can have a free basic check every twelve months, diagnostic testing for GP or ENT referral, and Pensioners and DVA card holders are entitled to free hearing services. We encourage everyone to get a basic hearing check every year to monitor for any changes.

Having trouble understanding conversation in noisy places?

Check your hearing Today.

Book a Hearing Check

Not everyone needs a hearing aid.

Our experienced clinicians will discuss various options with you during your consultation.

If you choose to get hearing aids we offer a variety of devices with payment options available.

We recommend you bring your main communication partner with you as there can be a lot to take in at your appointment.