Cerumen … also known as ear wax.

It’s the ears defense system and necessary for ear health.

The ear is the only place on the body that has special glands that produce this waxy oil substance called Cerumen.

Wax will generally come out on it’s own but in some cases the ear can’t excrete the wax and it may become stuck in the ear canal. There are lots of factors that impact our ear wax – size and shape of ear canal, genetics, use of headphones, ear plugs, noise protection and hearing aids. Anything that changes the temperature and air flow into our ears can also affect wax production.

It’s important to understand human’s are supposed to have ear wax.

Wax on the canal wall is normal.

It’s only when wax is causing trouble that we want to remove it.

Reasons to remove wax:

* Discomfort – The obvious reason would be if your ear becomes sore or you develop ear ache – wax can be a common cause!

* Blocked hearing – Can’t hear well? Maybe your ears are blocked with wax

* Infection – In some patients large amounts of wax can cause additional problems.

* Tinnitus – Ringing ears can be the first sign that you have too much ear wax and it may be time for a clean out

Treatment & Removal:

So what happens if you have excess ear wax? How do you know you have excess ear wax?

At South Burnett Hearing, our experienced clinicians can check your ears and know straight away if wax is a problem.

We will offer you various options for removal which may include micro-suction or curette (a tiny, spoon like tool).



We try to discourage the use of cotton buds and do not believe there is any benefit to ear candling.

We recommend the use of a ear wax removal spray as a safe way to clean your ears.

The Clean Ears Spray is extremely effective and being a natural product, it’s safe for ongoing, periodic use.


While some people will never experience concerns with ear wax, others may need additional care.

The most important factor is to find a qualified and experienced clinic that can support you with your wax management.

Jacinda & Shae from South Burnett Hearing are always happy to provide ongoing ear health management and support.

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